Lighting Control

Lighting control is one of the more obvious applications for incorporating automation into your home. Not only can it help you be more energy efficient, but it can also help welcome you home, improve safety and security, and create moods to suit.

As well as controlling lighting by time or buttons, control lights with sensors, triggering lights to be switched on and off, either according to daylight levels or movement, while you still retain the flexibility of switching to manual control with a light switch at any time.

Switch to energy efficient led bulbs and control your lightning from anywhere. Never come home to a dark house again and ensure the mood is right for any party.

Lightning Control Features:
• Prevent falls: One button press lights a pathway to and from the places often walked to in the dark: a child’s bedroom, the bathroom or kitchen for example.
• Vacation Mode offers peace of mind: We can automatically switch lights on and off when you are away to simulate regular activity in the home.
• Emergency Flash: Used in times of distress or as an alarm indicator. Nothing directs an ambulance or the police to your residence faster. In the event of an alarm trigger, you can have every internal light switched on to full brightness and all exterior lights flash.
• Conditional Lightning: Design how the lights in your home behave based on time of day, motion or security. Save money by increasing energy efficient and turning off lights that are not being used.
• Time Dim: Let’s little ones drift gently off to sleep. Tuck your child in and let timed dim turn down the lights over 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or any interval you choose.
• Turn off the lights everywhere in the house with one button press:
“Master off” turns off every light in the house as you dash out the door.